Brook Valley supports in scaling digital business models. The core of our work is searching, finding and integrating teams.

With our international network of digital experts, companies and local digital communities in the relevant centers of the world, we establish the right access points and support the integration process.

In order to support business leaders in this process, we are coaching managers in the form of a conducting workshop. In this workshop, participants experience that there are many analogies in music and conducting to change processes in companies. Communication and leadership skills can thus be developed in the workshop.

We always act in a long-term and entrepreneurial manner. That’s why we invest directly in our clients and support fundraising with our investor network to ensure scalable growth.


Brook Valley has an excellent understanding of sustainable organizational structures and start-up development. We therefore recommend our clients to work with them, especially when it comes to ramp up scalable organizations and financing. Due to Brook Valley's extensive industry experience, we also rely on their investment recommendations.

Lars Rueckemann - board member - codecentric AG

The workshop held jointly with Brook Valley to establish a scalable organizational structure has provided significant inspiration for the target image. The resulting key positions in HR and Tech were closed quickly and will be used to further expand the team.

Dirk Schäfer - CEO - Crowdfox GmbH

Brook Valley believes in its clients and has invested in our company. Felix Finger, with his long-standing management and entrepreneurial perspective, has helped us to increase our scalability and secure our financing even during the coronavirus crisis.

Thomas Jesewski – Founder and CEO – aifora GmbH

The takeover of a company's IT is quickly sealed on paper, but not so quickly implemented in reality - because it is not only technical, but above all emotional and personal for those affected. Melina Brandstetter has the right instinct to initiate this process and to moderate it in a targeted manner.


Michael Schmidt – Managing Director – Nagarro ES

Our actions are guided by clear values. We are firmly convinced: Respect for the rights of every individual, fairness in human interaction and responsible, sustainable economic action form the basis for our social society and community in which we participate.

The real beauty of music is that it brings people together. It carries a message and we, the musicians, are the messengers.


We act out of convivtion: We are a member of Leaders for Climate Action and support social projects.

By Leaders for Climate Action