Our consulting product Enterprise Encountering® includes various forms of internalisation and externalisation of business units, enabling you to build a scalable organisational structure.


Those who have defined digital or other new business models as part of their strategic core business do not always have the right organisational structure and the right team on board.

  • Recruiting of specialists and executives (executive search)?
  • Building and integrating teams and departments?
  • Founding a joint venture?
  • Developing an incubator?
  • Insourcing of processes?
  • Acquiring of other companies or parts of them?
  • Acquiring of assets?

Together with you, we develop scenarios to build a scalable organization with focus on the financial framework conditions and needs. Additionally we always focus on the human dimension.

However, changes often require initially  important key players within the organization. For this purpose, we recruit in cooperation with Nelex AG, the executive search consultancy in IT and digitalization, the right specialists and executives, who will drive the change internally.

Because, in our experience, internalisation rarely fails due to the business or legal framework conditions. The human factor is the key: only when the right people work together will it be a successful organization, because what is often neglected in many M&A consultancies is the  focus of our consulting approach.


The complexity of business models has increased – companies are no longer able to always appropriately represent it internally with precision. They need to reduce fixed costs in order to be more scalable in times of crisis. Thus, it is becoming clear that with increasing complexity, it is necessary to become specialized. For this reason, many companies try to refocus on their core business, for example by buying complex IT services partially or completely from external partners.

But which approach is the best?

  • Outsourcing entire units and functions?
  • Replacing internal functions with nearshore and offshore teams?
  • Introducing profit and shared  service centre structures?
  • Spin-offs?
  • Sale of assets?

In contrast to an outsourcing provider or a specialist for corporate transactions who already has a solution in mind, we first analyse your company environment, your strategic targets, the financial necessities and your chances, in order to be able to develop individual solution-scenarios together with you.

The most necessary and the hardest and
the main thing in music is tempo.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In order to compensate technological deficits and to be less susceptible to distruptive business models by other market participants, it could be effective using the technological and professional skills of specialists and integrate those into the own organization as speedboats.

In addition to the organisational and legal framework conditions, we focus on the human dimension also when it comes to externalisation.

Externalisation processes often have an emotional impact on the affected persons – and these emotions are rarely positive, and often dominated by fear. We are aware of this – and that it is a situation that will be challenging for everyone involved. We do not hide this fact, we team up with you to face this problem to find the best solution for all parties involved.

If you decide to externalise, you do not want to give up any required services. The key to a successful cooperation are the right people and the right human interaction, which will shape the common culture.