How companies can benefit from art

A classical symphony orchestra is a prime example of how a group of people with very different ideas, skills and characters can create something bigger. Even composers consider the complexity that scores create in reality when creating their symphonies.

In our passion for music, many analogies can be found to change processes in companies and in dealing with difficult transitions. Even Beethoven, the master of development, showed how to combine individual parts in an artistic way and turn two good pieces into one very good one. Every conductor also has to make sure numerous and very different ideas, concepts and characters are brought together. Every conductor, just like every top manager has to master this challenge and know his or her strengths and deficits.

Despite severe deafness, Beethoven created great scores and accomplished masterpieces. Even great entrepreneurs must anticipate their weaknesses and counter them with concepts that take effect early on. Top musicians and top managers proceed in a more similar way than perhaps initially assumed. On closer inspection, similar leadership patterns can be identified and design strategies derived. However, more detailed research also reveals contradictory principles. While change processes in companies are usually protracted, they can often be perceived acoustically within seconds in music.

The combination of head and soul is what a conductor needs if he wants to achieve a real performance.
Vladimir Ashkenazy

Together with the musician, doctor and cultural manager Prof. Dr. Stephan Frucht, we show important management elements and give interdisciplinary examples of cooperative management practices and intercultural skills. In his international workshops, our advisory board member gives practical suggestions for a closer look at musical techniques that are also suitable for optimizing one’s own performance via body language, phonetics and rhetoric in everyday business life. Prof. Frucht illustrates this in a very practical way through various leadership styles and conducting techniques and demonstrates these regularly in collaboration with renowned orchestras. In specific coaching sessions, we can also open up completely new perspectives for our clients in this way.

In addition, with Brook Valley we support young artists of the Tonhalle Düsseldorf. It is part of our basic social understanding to support outstanding young talents in music just as much as we support top young talents in companies, because they all shape our future. As Freunde und Förderer der Tonhalle Düsseldorf, we make a contribution within the framework of our regional responsibility.