Reliable Connections

Next to the business model, leaders and talents are a company’s most important asset. By embedding a healthy shareholder structure and joining forces with other stakeholders, organic growth can be facilitated and acquisitions successfully integrated. We help our clients to find the best talents and acquisitions and advise the management and shareholders on the alignment of their company.


We are a boutique consultancy that combine expertise from the fields of HR and management consulting as well as many years of experience in the IT, start-up and retail environment. Most of our clients come from the technology, consulting, retail, consumer goods, sports, manufacturing and logistics sectors.


At a time of tense markets, a weak economy and a shortage of skilled employees, we draw on many years of expertise in the areas of HR consulting, team moves and M&A. This enables us to set up your organization in a lasting and future-proof way.


Team Moves



Family and entrepreneurial: our actions are guided by these values. As a family business, we firmly believe that trust, tolerance and respect in human interaction and responsible, sustainable economic activity form the basis for our social society and community.

The real beauty of music is that it brings people together. It carries a message and we, the musicians, are the messengers.