Our values are the heart of our corporate culture and determine our actions.

We are firmly convinced: respect for the rights of every individual, fairness in human interaction and responsible, sustainable economic activity form the basis of our social society and community, to which we contribute with our entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

Every age has its massive moral blind spots. We might not see them, but our children will.

Bono (U2)

We advise our clients according to clear values and principles, which are the basis for any mandate.

1. ENTREPRENEURIAL: We ourselves are entrepreneurs who take risks. This is why we never advise other entrepreneurs from the perspective of a service provider, but on an equal footing.

2. STRATEGIC: There is no single solution – there are scenarios, there are options. We therefore have an overall entrepreneurial view of specific situations and develop recommendations that open up the best opportunities individually.

3. HUMAN: We never evaluate facts exclusively from a business or technical point of view. For us, the human factor is at the centre of our considerations. Because this factor is the decisive key to success. This is why we moderate processes and build cultural bridges.

4. INTEGRATIVE: Whether it is internalisation or externalisation – we do not see M&A as an Excel sheet, but as bringing the right people together. From individuals to entire units or companies: we transfer the idea of ‘headhunting’ to the corporate level and find the right partners at home and abroad.

5. SUSTAINABLE: We want sustainable and long-term business success for our clients. That’s why we stay on the ball – even if we are not currently involved in an active mandate.